Dissection course in head and neck reconstruction

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

TheAi??dissection course « Paris Face Rendez-Vous« Ai??presents the latest evolutions in the field of head and neck reconstruction after oncologicalAi??resection.

Starting from the basic flap elevation techniques, the most refined andAi??lastAi??evolutions of the head and neck reconstruction will beAi??presented by our french and international faculty. During the 3 days of theAi?? »Principles in Head and Neck Reconstruction« , the attendees will practiceAi??conventional & perforator workhorse flaps on fresh cadaveric material, with only two dissecting participants per operating table, under the supervision of one faculty member.

This course is aimed towards residents, chief residents and seniors who have the desire to improve their practice in this highly specialized field of the reconstructiveAi??surgery.

The nextAi??dissection courseAi?? »Paris Face Rendez-Vous » will be held from 27 to 29 JuneAi??2018Ai??in Paris, at the Medical Faculty of the « Saints PA?res » is in the historical area of Saint Germain des PrAi??s.

Registration is now open:Ai??http://www.parisfacerendezvous.com/registration/

We look forward to welcome you in Paris next June!

Sincerely yours,

Dr Frederic Kolb